Sunday, April 27, 2008

lil bro is always my good companion

yesterday was plain bored.
staying at home was like dreary death and tired.
Plus,my maid is not here yet, i'm lazy to cook.
i was starving just because i had irregular meals.
till then i had munched a bar of chocolate..still my tummy wasn't completely filled.
and i was craving for food like mamak stall,then we headed down to steven corner for supper.
the food there was pretty good tho we had roti tisu,roti pisang,roti planta and roti telur with side order mee goreng omg omg omg i'm getting fatter and fatter all i know i look so plump now haha
and we got back around 3something since i'm still wide awake i tend to sleep a bit later
so i just chat with my lil bro wth we had darn good jokes..laugh all the way...roar with laughter buahahahahhahaa we had so much fun that night though there's a conflict that i can't disclose it here...then we off to the bed arond 5 something tee hee =)

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