Friday, April 04, 2008

skip school

good morning people,

rainy days

masticating 6 piece of fried and oily pisang goreng for my breakfast..

lol me and the girls skip school today just to eschew the rehearsal for school sports day..yea yea is on the 5th of april tomorrow no doubt i'll be going there for a short while since this is the last year..hmmm supposingly i've to spent my time to study at home but i ended up cling to the net blogging..chatting around..and waiting for the damn flyfm cash call i know i won't be so lucky for that..step on the carpetlol once woke up..peeping out from the curtain and there it goes raining..have been raining for quite some days half -way readingchatting around ...

i know i'm total fiasco...helpless..i can't do anything for that..
i'll keep my silence to let it go

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