Saturday, April 19, 2008


for god sake.i got food poison today.i'm pondering why is the school canteen so freaking dirty huh.Well today since kay and me decide to have nasi lemak during breakfast hour manatau just a few hours later my stomach started ache.Hence, i've a bad attack of diarrhoea due to the nasi lemak sambal. i've been in and out to the toilet for lots of times.Another case,which is last week wai hoong's found a small rock inside the sambal which is more likely in a peanut size and he almost eat it and i show it to the canteen manager guess what he say??? 'ohhh i think the workers accidentally drop it inside the sambal'...*snarl* wtf is that such nonsense u gave..and TODAY i heard kristyn's said one of our form 5 student found a WORM INSIDE THE DISHES which is totally gross EWWWWW A WORM!!!! omg can u believe it? alright i'm not gonna complain further all i know the school canteen should always habitually and carefully clean.

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