Monday, December 17, 2007

china panorama

hey people i'm finally baaacckkkkk

urgghhhh i'm overly exhausted and i'm really bored with china food it's freaking OILLYY

right now i want food serve with hot & spicy (nasi lemak,rendang,tom yum,curry and etc)

oh well china, for shopping spree it's always a good thing once you can get to bargain to the lowest price but i'm back with handfull souvenirs. i don't get any outfits cuz it's winter season now and they sell all winter clothing which i don't like it cuz u know la kl weather so sunny like hell


gigantic pumpkin anyone??

haha weird 3siblings isn't wearing spects

i'm the odd one wearing white

this is really nice okay especially the chilli pepper

night time over to the square street

cool drinks which i don't get easily drunk

the night view is great

sigh once i get to see this few of this pics really sad larrr the main purpose i travel here is to sit cable car up to this snow mountain so coincidence they closed but due to the weather is too windy haih nvm

in this pic u can see it's really windy look at my hair haha i can only capture at this side of snow mountain feet

i like their performance rated 10/10 they done it perfectly

natural rivers

crystal clear water

beautiful scenery

panda - awww so cute right?? i hope i can adopt one

me and the city

and finally merry christmas although is not on the exact day yet

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