Saturday, December 29, 2007

OMG omg oh my gossshhhh
school gonna start on the 3rd of jan
school gonna start on the 3rd of jan
lol why is it not on the 7th of jan
somehow i don't have the mood of schooling
i have the eerie feeling to face books
it's really haunting me
i really really hate to face all sorts of problems
especially poignant moment and memories
frankly speaking i hardly have joyful days
i can only sense the evil peoples starting to curse & backstab me
who knows the person who hates u would treat u in a very fake way
some might even entertain u in a very much less way with all of sudden
sometimes it's really mournful to have kind of feelings
i can't even find a right partner shoulder to cry on
well 2 more days to go it'll be the new year 2008
say bye to 2007 i'll still evoke the past& bring back the memories
i hope 2008 year would flow with cheerful and jaunty

p/s: do i sound more likely in melancholy mood?

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