Wednesday, December 05, 2007

yen's party crash

so 3rd of dec was yen birthday oh yea not forgetting seong soon's birthday both of them falls on the same day =) lol i arrived there very late REAL LATE sorry cuz of the transportation and they have game near the poolside i thought i won't be totally wet yeah so thanks to this person =_____= i've got drench from the 1st person wai hoong cibet kia him godammit totally wet and i've to force myself borrow ivy's yellow tees pooor ming hao u're gonna wet in few seconds drench =(
water splashing

everyone's died of hunger... we have siew yok meat eat eat eatlol they gamblemahjong

scrumptious cakes i can say (chocolate indulgence and tiramisu)

happy family

uncle simon a.k.a joker lol he named me 'oil mei lai' @_@


the birthday girl turn into 16 now

my sloppy hair..and yit han have not taken any with him pic for a long time

swt!! yit han's said we look more likely in a couple in this pic

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