Tuesday, January 22, 2008

another tag

was tagged by choi yen & yit han

List out 5 presents you wish for :
2.more tees & tank top
3.more high heels
4.a surprise party from friends & family keke
5.more handbags

The person who tagged me :
choi yen & yit han

5 impression of him :
2.a freak joker
3.great amusement
4.hilarious appearance
5.tender( wtf this is not true =p)

If he is your lover, you will..
bla bla bla no idea perhaps confidential XD

If he would becomes your enemy,what could the reason be?
being flirty,disloyal,dishonest,& cheapskate.

Pass this quiz to 5 person you wish to know about how they feel about you.
Yuan Kay
Sho Suzuki
Li Shan
Tomato Violette

1 comment:

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