Wednesday, January 02, 2008

new year day

hohoho the second day of 2008
oh well it's family day i spent my whole day with them
so we went to pavillion to walk around

before i leave my house

the night walk in pavillion

they're bored

haha i had a conversation with my dad

me: dad can you be my temporary bf?

dad:huh? why?? where's urs?

me: i'm single i don't have one

dad: *giggles* i'm sorry i'm afraid of ur mum i'm loyal to her =)

me: ohhh okay..such a nice dad i've

dad: whateva la hands off on my shoulder

me: yala yala so can i've 2dozen of doughnuts?

dad: u only know how to eat & waste money

me:hehe too bad la ur daughter is just being greedy





take a looong queue

bye (2dozens off)

yummy yummy yummyliciouswakakakaa my contemporary design spects from the curve during countdownstupid bro was laughing at me hysterically while taking pics with this spects

*woohooo* macho glass

well start the new year of 2008 i'll be look forward to the blessful year =)

arrgghh school starts tomorrow and i don't think i can online so often anymore

spm year

tough one


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