Friday, February 01, 2008

hapless year

yea, hapless year why? because si fu master said so
actually i don't really believe this kinda things i do believe but not everything
first and foremost, i can't go out so often this year cuz leash to my fate
god darn it!!! i always want to go out i don't really like to stay at home
but what to do safety first right?..this is fate
another poor thing is this year i'm taking spm
and my result wouldn't be out with flying colours
sigh damn unlucky and unfortunate..unpredictable huh
this really upset me lotsss lotss okay really freak me out
hitherto all along the line my setting will be either at school or home
i think i merely can out with my friends not more than 10 times in a year
not to say i'm over exaggerate cuz my parents are kinda strict when i hang out with my friends
cuz i'm the only daughter they has haha so i do understand their concern
besides that, i'm still wondering this saturday outing whether can make it or not?
i guess i've an excuse for it cuz mum birthday is just 2days away
since i haven't get her anything yet =p

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