Wednesday, February 06, 2008

will be back to hometown pulau pangkor tomorrow till sunday =___= this is extremely bored ugghh tons of homework have not completed yet and and i'm gonna stay at this long 5days huh
so how? i won't be bringing back to finish up... sigh just leave aside
won't be in kl so happy chinese new year to all of you

morning call 5.00am
it's really late
i gotta sleep now


Anonymous said...


Hope your PC can read Chinese!!!

Anonymous said...

hey shu shu u can leave any msg at my chatbox anytime anyways happy chinese new year =)

Anonymous said... must enjoy heaps of nice foods in Pangkor now. I just don't know how am I live without it this 2 years...:(

Tiong Hi Huat Chai!

Anonymous said...

yea totslly enjoy.. infact i've gain my weight..the food there is just flawless as in like nasi lemak,asam laksa,kuan lo,chee seng kopi, zai cha,char keow teow, and lai fun. haha i'm trying to starve you anyways take care in scotland send me regard to ur girlfriend=)