Sunday, June 08, 2008


An intimate friend of mine has finally got her licensed to drive =D.We have gone on a jaunt into town that day, it was a pretty good day. We went to the conaught pasar malam and bump into lots familar faces especially ssg students.
muah.bro and me

red bean ice-cream

In the meantime, we chilled out at shisha place and have our supper as well.

my very roguish broI went home kinda late it was almost 2 .30 and i thought my mum gonna scold me.Nevertheless she asked me for food and we have this funny conversation.

me : mii i'm back..

mum: wei why empty- handed? you never ta pao food from pasar malam for me meh..

me :huh? i thought you don't like pasar malam food..always complain this and that..

mum:but at least you must buy something for me to eat ma..what lar you..what kind of daughter is this..

me :inconsiderate daughter haha aiya next time buy lo...

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