Sunday, September 14, 2008

13/9/08 (just happy)

I had tuition from 12-7 today, i got bored and tired in the half way so me and the guys skipped class (eric.L,william,edwin) and went loiter around at connaught area haha then we stop by at connaught area had claypot yee mee mmmm how nice...and how kind of them treat me whole set of brunch...aha..will treat u guys back one day

Edwin you just freak me out okay never thought of ur jokes were so daft haha and and u damn potong steam lo...dump 3 of us at cyber..cibet..

Since we were so lazy to study we went mamak chill and chat silly things... haha i guess they're at cyber playing games now...dota dota dota ....

the 3 jokers will never fail to makes me laugh hysterically..

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