Monday, October 27, 2008


come on la MORON.
YES ! i'm refering to u...
as u know that u're so smart in acting in a pretentious way, trying to wear a pretty cool mask in front of me and everywhere oh yea,stop saying things in a ironically way that u're just having a nice time to utter here or whatever shit.. dumb shit ! everyone has a limit...yea right..what makes me think that u're just so effing pretty huh...*laughs*
i can't wait to see u take part in miss astro in 2010 since u have a nice body figure..
i guess u're qualified to enter the finals *laughs hysterically*

awww all i know is u make so much efforts to DERIDE me huh?
do enjoy mocking me yea !
3 words to u : YOU ARE CHILDISH !

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