Thursday, November 05, 2009


Hello there.

currently typing from the ict lab. the girls went to acc class and left me alone here.
5mins to 2.00 will be oa lab class.

Been a lil hectic lately.Apparently having midterm.
3 down 2 more to go. Calculations is what i'm being slow at solving .
Should have blame myself for nt taking add maths base during secondary.
I have to brush up on QM n prob n stats within these days.Left nt much time.Gawd.
Hardly spend my time sitting in front of the pc to update those upcoming post.
mi will admit to gleneagles for today.*laughs* she grumbles that she gonna rot like a worm. Yea true. At least u got ur handphone games to entertain u.
*smiles* oh well,the following week will be free from exam.
ohh yes, i cant wait to go connaught pasar malam. Anyone going ? do ring me yea
till then see ya ;)

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