Sunday, September 23, 2007


hello people it has been a week i did not blog sorry i'm kinda busy lately anyway on saturday night went over to aunty house which is my ku jie house bbq celebrate mooncake festival and 3families reunion again everyone seems like live wire very energetic and active but i have the blues sighhh once i turn to black mood i'll just eat hard and play hard oh yea take more more and more photos kekeke we have fried mee hoon, sweet potatoes, squid, cocktail with cheese, chicken wings,prawns and lots lots more..
the food
douglous and memy dearest cousin
let the guys do the job
arrgghh stomach rumbling ahrrrr

baked potato

colourful lanternsruby red

while waiting for the food ready hehe cousin and me snap photos with self-timer

i'm so vain

i'm a hog eat lots

okay since no one willing to bake for me i bake myself

tada!!! my sweet potato is ready

the pro-ness my bro can baked very well

dad with tanned skin and the daughter

after taking photo he just dump everthing on the floor my god


okay this girl here 5years behind me and she is frigging tall

mooncake cute mou??

damn tired stayed up untill 3.30am in the morning then by the time reached home at 4.00am and after shower my eyes turn sparkle then roll on the bed till 5.30 only sleep

*yawn* i'm sleepy now feel like skipping school tomorrow but exam coming haih...

so good night's and sleep tight everyone


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