Saturday, September 29, 2007

state of being bored

4.30am in the morning
eating hot cup noodles
add on with mamme pack
2/4 mooncake single yolk
slouching about doing nothing
emily emily emily emily
you're fat enough
you've gain your weight
sigh i can't control to stop it
why not get into ur room to study?
since you're freaking bored
exams is just around the corner
no!!! not gonna study in the middle of night
oh yea tomorrow planning heeeeee
but in the first place what am i gonna to plan actually?
seems like sounds so blissful to me
arrgghhhh no idea blank mind
being a teenager should learn to cook
so.......... i'm gonna cook for my lunch tomorrow
jiggle wiggle in time to my room
good night's sleep tight

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