Saturday, October 06, 2007

exams exams exams

exam- okay we've finished our papers---> bm,english,sej,science and moral
then we try to sneak out from 4sc3 when cik vasinthi came
cuz after moral paper we splited up & follow the namelist see which class we've to go
actually we're safe in the library & thanks to the bunch of guys
then vasinthi knew we're all there & came and look for us until she hit the roof
scolded us furiously.. damn fierce... scold us with her limit voice
kay&me really naugthy we tell lies but it's a white lies supposingly i have to go 4k1 and kay 4sc1
then we went to 4sc3 chatting about..
shit la
2 more weeks to go
the following week it just fine to me but unlike the commerce & econs
3rd week ok lahr...just an exam on basic mandarin
4th week a trip to camp hmmm i'm exciting ve never been to camp
heeeee night's people its 4am now

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