Saturday, September 08, 2007


In the middle of night youngest bro and me were frigging bored and badly he was just ferreting around my wardrobe heee u know la I keep my snacks,tidbits, and sweets inside the box so i thought he is gonna grab for my snacks untill he found something to do with swim-suit and i don't know what do you call that it had been years that I kept dad bought it when we were young later u'll see photos that i've snap but what he fails to understand is that i don't like the mess and now my precious wardrobe became a complete tip.

before that can you differentiate the legs and the suit heee i don't know what do you call that we both had exchange it so is like everything jumble up

so stiff..which pair of legs is mine???
ooooooooooo we both have the same sexy legs and tanned skin heee i'm in an ironically way

i'm in pink or white?

bleh don't give me catty remarks on my legs

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