Friday, November 09, 2007


sorry for the late post, i got an excuse for it

Reason-i've been busy with housework lately

i no longer has maid anymore ='(
my room was quite cluttered and my clothes,books n all sort of stuff scattered all over the place and now i've refined my room orderly =)
when i think back about my childhood many vivid memories spring into my mind well knowing the longest friend and the closest who stay few steps away from my house.

our parents office also just few steps away so is like where ever we go we still contact each other

there're always many ups and downs memories some are like pleasurable whilst some are painful
as the years rolled by, we have grown up...

i'm suck in posing-taken last year

she's freaking skinny

and i'm way of fatter than her

i wonder why is she hugging my bear lots

silly bro- loves to sleep with me gonna kick him out i need my own space !!!

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