Saturday, November 17, 2007

saturday past

ugghhhh i'm delaying for the post quite somedays...

last saturday was sie teng early celebration birthday party at skate place... and i don't know how to skate silly me =p i'm lazy learn.. lol then me and eric was like -____- so how??? u skate? nope i don't alright same here...while waiting for them we just went over to lot 10 isetan walk about then i suggested to look for rubbish..till then when we were about to go we got a call from wai hoong that we have to moved to the skate place annnddddddd SURPRISE!! for sie teng

awwwww so sweet~~

big bunch


kay called up, have a tea at coffee bean...sadly, can't attend seong soon party no transport and i got to go mum friends house for house party bbq wtf i could see some cempaka bitch there which gave me a damn cocky look =_______=

then bro picked me up when i get in *drolls*

me: kor why are you wearing this cap?? doesn't suit u at all

bro: what??? it looks cool okay!!! stop complaining

me: whatever~~childish hahahhahaha

bro: SHUT UP!!

and we have another conversation about the picture in my camera.. bro is referring to someone looks like michael jackson with weird looking and dress up wei stop that la u guys are so mean lol their laughter is just being sick

haahhh got henna tattoo,credits for both bros

youngest bro did it whick is kinda odd but ok lahrr at least he got the heart to draw for me hehe

kor did this,too complicated hahaand me with lil <3 here ~ knowing me i'm suck in drawing and i don't have the guts to draw so end up with lil love

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