Saturday, November 17, 2007

so yesterday

so yesterday was the last day of school everyone's seems happy cuz we've 2months off haha but at times holidays is kinda bored..oh yea after school went back to mum office then off to pavillion with winnie to buy some stuff argghhh i'm broke hehhh at least i've got the thingy that i want =p
and it was sooo sooo tired from pavillion we walked to times square...and i saw kinda lots of ssg students strolling around at sg wang and times the time we reached there about 4 something when i was walking i heard someone calling my name from the lower floor i thought some strangers haaahhhaa and it wouldn't be referring to walked further and further on feel weird who's that keep calling my name...when i turned my head ohhh that gang kin,antonio,joshie & vk .

during night time,
dad texted get ready,going out
straight to bkt bintang
hmmm dad got mummy a watch...
then walked over to pavillion again...
bought something something......and silly bro died of hunger wth him just after dinner go for supper again...

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