Monday, November 26, 2007

make a week excursion to pangkor

neither here nor there-back to the hustle bustle hometown for 1 whole week was a tempting offer...i'm like a hog eating endlessly, so much of carefree staying there every morning when i get up i can barely breath a single fresh air there somehow i had the feeling that i had not been there for years, certainly rare tourist.
on the wayyy to pangkor island


my lil bro-so smug that he can ride yet he is under age

we always go for illegal ride in a small town- no license no helmet *grins*

and i almost stumble and fall @_@

mamak stalls

have u seen this?? the longest kite with 10m

to have both foot on the grass

small canary yellow bird took it in near wooden house...

haiyo sun tanned,my skin so much darker now

supper time- char keow teow
god...i can count how long she fried a plate of char keow teow, it takes 10minutes to fried...
yet my stomach is rumbling she can sluggish peacefully darn it~~

hah bro looked as black as thunder =p mum doesn't allow him to ride motor during night

aiya stay at home watch movies laaa
the night is always young

*woots* sparkle eye ps3 @_@

unlike me playing samurai-X cuz i was too bored..

so homely lying down watching die hard 4

wtv when come to life seeing him eating this

the beach

the sound of breaking waves reached me as i was gracefully amble


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I miss the Char Keow Teow! And the old lady doing the frying still? She kinda ah Ma liao, white hair!

Where is the big plasma? in Pangkor or KL?

Nice photo shotting and words, that's life recording not only for your own, is for your family.

May I suggest 'The property of Emily's' change to 'EMILAND'!!!:)

Guess who am I?

R Y O said...
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R Y O said...

yea the plasma =.= kl or pangkor?

emilyho said...

ah gu: wait...could you let me know who're you???

roy: you're??

R Y O said...

ryo lo

Anonymous said...

haha! How many Ah gu can converse with you through your blog?


Tell you lar, I am Ah gu lor! hahaha...

I will unveil my identity when u answer my questions. :)

Anonymous said...

well... i don't even know who is ah gu?? specify pls...i guess u commented the wrong person..i've totally no idea who is ah i think none of them cuz they don't even know i've a blog

Anonymous said...

Lu si kiam pak!!! Merli!

You've got so many hints and yet you still don't know who is this 'senior ah gu'?

And saying I am commented the wrong blog!! Really kiam pak!

More hints now:
1. I am Pangkorian. That's why I miss the Char Keow Teow on this post.
2. I am your 'Senior' ah gu.. (in hokkien la, Merli)
3. I am your relative!
4. I am not staying in Malaysia.

Emily Ho, if you still no idea who am I, I have to get help from Warren, Wilson, even Steven!!!:)

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry i didn't know that one of my ah gu knew i've a blog here....sincerely sorry here...haha cause i thought some random stranger called ah gu leave the wrong i got lots of ah gu...well the senior ones i guess stay in penang if i'm not mistaken am i right??? sorry i deserve the spank..

Anonymous said...

I am sorry too as I mess up you should call me "Shu Shu" not "ah gu"!!!! It was confusing you all this while, soooorrrrrry ah! Because I am relative of your father side. Is me Kiam Pak, "Pak!Pak!" It's the sound of spanking on myself! Hehe!:)

I am not staying in Malaysia currently and how could I stay in Penang? So now you should know who am I la!!

Hey, Merli. Not even I read your blog frequently, I also see you in Friendster! :)

Anonymous said...

thats y cuz my ah gu totally don't know i've a still don't exactly know who're you..isit the shu shu now staying in scotland?? if i'm not mistaken are u the one who stay next to granny's house??

Anonymous said...

U always kinda unsure of your instinct! That's right... I am the one who stayed in Scotland currently!

And it had been taken about 10 messages for both of us... bo lat liao!:(

emilyho said...

*laughs* if u don't named u as ah gu then i'll predict the right person i show it to my parents..hahah they how's life there? when're you coming back??

Anonymous said...

*laughs* if u don't named u as ah gu then i'll predict the right person i show it to my parents..hahah they how's life there? when're you coming back??